Friday, 4 June 2010

Join the Navy!

I mean.. join us! We want to do collaborations with anyone, anywhere! We're making plans to travel around europe and do collaborations with other artists on festivals and parties and events and whatnot. We're still in the planning phase so if you have any ideas or are interested in participating in the collab project, let us know!

Meanwhile, here's a bit more cleand up version of a painting we did a while back. enjoy!


  1. cool stuff... did you make this together? How does that work?

    Bear me in mind, I'm always interested in fun projects, especially now that I am freelancing :)

  2. WWooa! An amazing piece!! Love the style sued, great work!! :)

  3. Hey sjan! so far we both started a canvas at the same time and switched the canvas around every 10 minutes or so. So we would work at to paintings at the same time.
    But we want to do bigger collabs in public places so more people can join in. and actually this weekend we plan to be at an art show in amsterdam to do this on a projector! I'll send you and invite through facebook, it would be great if you could join us too! ^^